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Gallbladder Pathology Online

Pathology of Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis

Dr Sampurna Roy MD   


Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis is a destructive inflammatory disease of the gallbladder, rarely involving adjacent organs and mimicking an advanced gallbladder carcinoma.

The lesions appear to result from ruptured Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses with intramural extravasation of bile and subsequent xanthogranulomatous reaction.

It has been suggested that xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis can be divided into two forms: subacute and chronic, and the subacute form is closely related to bacterial infection.

The diagnosis is usually possible only after pathological examination. 

Clinically, xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis often  presents as a severe chronic cholecystitis associated with abdominal pain, fever, and leukocytosis.

Gallstones are present in most cases.

This unusual entity is characterized morphologically by a broad spectrum of xanthogranulomatous changes seen from a small limited focus within yellow nodule in the gallbladder wall, to diffuse involvement of the entire gallbladder with extension of the fibrosis into surrounding tissues. 

Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis may form a tumour-like mass in inflamed gallbladders.

Grossly the lesions are usually soft, yellow to brown, and measure up to 2.5 cm. 


Microscopically, there are varying amounts of  inflammation, xanthoma-like foam cells, and scarring.

Lipid is ingested by macrophages, which have the appearance of xanthoma cells and giant cells of foreign- body and Touton type.

This is usually seen in association with dense fibrous tissue.

At operation, there are adhesions to surrounding tissues, and sometimes a mass is found, mimicking tumour of the gallbladder.

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