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What writers can learn from the Theory of Work and Energy 

Dr Sampurna Roy  MD



Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another. - Albert Einstein

It is true that doing work makes people tired. However, in a scientific sense feeling tired after standing for a long time in a tube train, or holding up a heavy weight does not indicate that work has been done.

Example: Two opposing teams in a tug of war may fall exhausted to the ground after a drawn match, neither side having moved from from their starting positions. In this situation, they have done no scientific "work". Only when one side begins to pull the other over line is mechanical work done, this work is measured as the force applied multiplied by the distance moved.

This is the famous physics equation:  Work = Force x Distance 

Unfinished work , frantically looking for new ideas for blog posts, having dozens of new ideas or chatting with friends about your grand new projects can be very exhausting.

It is like the "tug of war" where you have not moved an inch ahead and feel too tired to actually publish anything useful.


In some ways work and energy, is to physics what wealth and money is to economics. Wealth can exist in many form. In the pocket it is usually found as cash or debit/credit card, but it can be spent in shops to buy goods, saved in bank account or invested in property or shares.

When a man lifts a heavy weight high into the air, he "spends" an amount of work in the form of energy. But this work is really an investment. The weight he has lifted now has more energy than it had before.

It is in the bank waiting to be released again. In scientific language, the weight is said to have increased in "potential energy".

Best solution for all serial writers is to create a "Writers' Bank ".

- Work hard to create a set of long and short posts and keep them in a folder.

- When you have new ideas write them down immediately and save them.

- Repurpose old posts with photographs in a new format. After they have a fresh look release them slowly. The new material has more energy.

This is like a long term investment and you don't have to hurry at the last minute for new ideas.

Don't post anything even if you have enough material.

Wait for sometime and then gradually release one or two posts.

Save 80% of your posts. Relax, enjoy or take a long vacation. Tell a friend to publish the ready post in your website on a particular date.

When the weight is allowed to drop towards the ground, the energy is withdrawn from the bank and converted to a new form. The weight gains what is called "kinetic energy".

This is energy of motion. Just before hitting the ground the weight processes the same amount of energy in this new form as was used by the man to lift it. 

Then the weight hits the ground and fritter away its wealth in a number of new kinds of energy - heat and sound. The sound can be clearly heard, but the heat is not quite evident in this case.

Continually dropping the weight would, however, soon heat up the surroundings just as a large nail becomes quite hot as it is hammered into the block of wood.

Once you post something new in your personal website there will be various reactions. This is the "energy of motion". There will be sound but you will not feel the heat.

If the website is not locked everyone will read your post.  Your readers will include friendly peers, colleagues from same profession, non medical friends, neighbours, critics and unfortunately many unwanted visitors.

Be careful, vigilant, friendly and polite to all. Take care of your worst critic, that is yourself.

Hackers will hack whether you are friendly or not. Make your password super strong.

If you repeatedly publish content you will definitely feel the heat.

If you cannot tolerate the heat stop repeatedly hammering into the wood.


All these transactions are based on the very important principle known as the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is simply transferred from one form to another. 




Dr  Sampurna Roy  MD

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