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Human Body is not a Machine - Take care of your Body and Mind -

"Healthy mind in a healthy body"

Dr Sampurna Roy MD   





Being healthy means much more than merely not being ill. Many people who are not ill are never really healthy either and it can be difficult for a doctor to find out exactly why.

Health is largely a matter of looking after our minds and bodies sensibly.

In some ways a healthy body can be compared with a good machine that is being properly looked after. Both can be relied upon to do their daily work without breaking down, but even the best machine must be given the right kind and amount of fuel to keep it going and must not be overworked than its designer intended. Leading a satisfying lifestyle is the key to happy and healthy life.

We must remember no machine is as wonderful or as complicated as human body. Human body has so many hidden systems, all parts doing most important work to keep the systems working, so that food is digested properly, waste products are passed out of the body, oxygen enters the lungs and goes into the blood, and the nervous system and the brain continue to make it possible to see, feel and move. It is when the parts of these systems are not working properly that the feeling of good health is lost, even though there may be no actual illness.

The main way in which the human body differs from a machine is that each human being has a mind as well as a body. Being healthy in mind is not the same as being healthy in body, but it is connected with it. If there is something wrong with the mind, the body goes wrong as well. The aim must be " a healthy mind in a healthy body".

Medical knowledge increases further each year.However, as once fatal diseases are eliminated as threats to people ( Example: Small pox, yellow fever, plague, measles, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, poliomyelitis, whooping cough, diphtheria etc ) new forms of diseases become apparent. For instance mental illness has become one of the most common cause of ill-health.

As doctors irrespective of our speciality, our aim should be to try to teach people to take greater care of their health.

There is growing evidence that sitting and sedentary behaviour can have a negative effect on the health. 

Research shows lack of physical activity and prolonged occupational sitting can cause negative metabolic effects and can be associated with greater cardiovascular morbidity, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, some cancers and premature death.

Smoking, taking drugs, drinking excessive alcohol or eating the wrong kind of food can cut life expectancy by 10 years.

People have the opportunity to keep themselves healthy in small ways by cultivating regular habits.

By doing certain things every day at about the same time, you can train yourself to do it more easily and sometimes even without thinking about it. Much of daily life is made up of habits of this kind.

The most obvious examples are eating healthy food, exercising everyday, carrying out our professional duties, maintaining a happy and healthy social and family life.

Peace of mind and tranquility is the key to healthy body. This takes effort and has to be cultivated gradually.

Some examples are: Meditation, writing down your thoughts, being creative in a small way, sharing fresh ideas with friends and learning something new everyday.

Keep your inner organs healthy by living a healthy and balanced life. Prevention is always better than cure.

Good luck





Dr  Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant  Histopathologist (Kolkata - India)







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