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Dermatopathology Quiz Case 177

                    Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

November 2014 - Friday

82 year old lady with rapidly growing multiple reddish brown nodules on the left lower limb.

CD19, CD20 and CD79a positive. Bcl-2 protein is strongly expressed.  CD3, CD5, CD23 and cyclin D-1 are negative.


  Image 1  Cellular infiltrate involving the entire dermis. A bottom heavy infiltrate is seen.
 Image 2  There is a grenz zone between epidermis and the infiltrate.
 Image 3  Diffuse infiltrate of large cells with nuclei twice the size of the lymphocyte.
 Image 4 The neoplastic cellular infiltrate has a mixed population of centroblasts, immunoblasts and a few large cleaved centrocyte-like cells.
 Image 5 A - High power view: 5 sections of the neoplastic lesion from different  areas demonstrating the polymorphous infiltrate in the dermis.
 Image 5 B  
  Image 5 C 
 Image 5 D   
  Image 5 E   



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Dr  Sampurna Roy  MD

Consultant  Histopathologist (Kolkata - India)


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