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Dermatopathology Quiz Case 161

 Dr Sampurna Roy  MD

 August 2014 - Friday

Case history

A 5 year old child with a slowly enlarging painless nodule in the superficial soft tissue of the back. Macroscopically the nodule is 4cm in diameter. The cut surface has a grayish white appearance. There are myxoid and gelatinous areas.

The tumour stained diffusely for vimentin and CD34.


  Low power view showing spindle cells, multinucleated giant cells and vascular spaces in a myxoid backround.
  Another low power view of the same tumour. Numerous giant cells are present.
  High power view showing multinucleated giant cells and vascular space  lined by neoplastic cells. The spindle cells are set in a myxoid backround.
  High power view of this section showing similar cells set in a fibrocollagenous backround.



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