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Dermatopathology Quiz Case 158

 Dr Sampurna Roy  MD


July 2014 - Friday

Case history

A vulval lesion in a 25 year old female. ? Bartholin's Cyst.

Immunohistochemistry - Vimentin and Desmin - Positive

Myosin, cytokeratins, S-100 protein and von Willebrand factor are negative. Smooth muscle actin -  Negative. 

  Low power view: There are alternating hypercellular and hypocellular edematous areas with abundant blood vessels.
  The hypercellular area showing proliferation of bland round, oval and spindle-shaped cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm. Some are collecting around blood vessels. Perivascular fibrosis is present.
  High-power view: The spindle cells are arranged in short fascicles and set in a loose fibrocollagenous background.



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