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Dermatopathology Quiz Case 157

 Dr Sampurna Roy  MD


July 2014 - Friday

Case history

A 35 year old female with a reddish-blue nodule on the left upper extremity. Vascular markers  CD34 and CD31 are positive. Special stains for S-100 protein, HHV-8 and cytokeratins are negative. Special stains for microorganisms are also negative.

This case is not for spot diagnosis. Think, correlate and make the diagnosis.

  Low power view: Lesion located in the the dermis. The overlying epidermis is showing acanthosis.
   Further section of the lesion. Low power view.
  Arrow pointing to solid nests of cells. There are small vacuoles within the nests.
  Multiple vascular channels and arrow pointing to the solid nest of cells. There is fibrosis in the backround.
   High power view showing well-circumscribed, solid proliferation of large polygonal epithelioid cells.
   High power view of this section showing blood vessels lined by plump epithelioid cells. Hemosiderin pigment and some inflammatory cells are also present.
  Closer view of the solid nest of cells. The cells have vesicular nuclei, conspicuous nucleoli and abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm. Prominent intra-cytoplasmic vacuoles are present. There are narrow lumina, abundant hemosiderin pigment and sprinkling of inflammatory cells.


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