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Gallbladder Pathology Online

Pathology of  Mucosal Hyperplasia of the Gallbladder

Dr Sampurna Roy  MD


Mucosal hyperplasia of gallbladder may be seen in association with cholesterolosis and myomatosis or metachromatic leucodystrophy.

Villous and adenomatous hyperplasia are the two important types of mucosal hyperplasia of the gallbladder.

The mucosa in this condition is uneven and thickened.

Villous (papillary) hyperplasia:


Diagram showing papillary hyperplasia of the gallbladder

Tall, thin papillary folds lined by columnar cells. These lesions may mimic carcinoma in radiological investigation.

Adenomatous hyperplasia:   Antral metaplasia may be present in some cases. 

Visit: Adenomyomatous Hyperplasia of the Gallbladder


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