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 News and views that matter to Pathologists:

A Potpourri of photographs, quiz cases, fun posts, tips and information related to pathology.


This updated website is created by Dr Sampurna Roy MD and Prof H Roy MD.



Like Father, Like Daughter - 20 pieces of advice from Professor of Pathology to his only Daughter


Can you keep a secret? Why do we need secrets? A Brief History of Secrecy


Pathology Photo of the Day: Red Cherries ...


Pathology Photo of the Day - A Poem ...


Pathology Photo of the Day: A tumour that Suddenly Disappears and Reappears after few years.

Pathology Photo of the Day and 2 questions:  Cornoid Lamella


Gallbladder Pathology Online

Dermatopathology Quiz Cases

Systemic Pathology Cases

Pathology Photo of the Day: Herringbone - Pattern described in a Soft Tissue Tumour

Pathology Photo of the Day: "Chicken-Wire Pattern" described in a Soft Tissue Tumour

Zellballen pattern (balls of cells) - Images of Paraganglioma

 Hairy, Scary Disease - Hairy Cell Leukaemia in Spleen

Power of Writing Skills of a Histopathologist

What do the cells in the urine say about your health?


Human Body is not a Machine Take care of your Body and Mind -

"Healthy mind in a healthy body"


Cyclops and Cyclopia - A Lethal Human Birth Defect related to Greek Mythology.

Charity Begins at Home - Did you get time to smile at your neighbour?

Pathology Photo of the Day -"Dancing Eyes, Dancing Feet"

What writers can learn from the Theory of Work and Energy

Killer Heat - Pathology of Heatstroke: (Infographic)

Pathology Photo of the Day - Soap Bubble Appearance in Cryptococcosis

Pathology Photo of the Day: Sister Mary Joseph...

Pathology Photo of the Day - A Fox...

5 Tumors of the Finger: "Finger Art" by a Pathologist 

Pathology Photo of the Day - Mystery of an egghead in a hair follicle. - Dermatopathology

Pathology Photo of the Day:

Some Flowers for friends - A Pathologist

20 Outstanding doctors from around the world and 6 Memorable Quotations about India

"Five Shades" of Special Stains in Liver Diseases





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